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65? Medicare? Me?
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Medicare Choice Care.

Medicare can be confusing, but we’ll help you understand everything: how to enroll, when your specific enrollment period is, what Original Medicare does and doesn’t cover, and most importantly, how our Senior Whole Health Medicare Choice Care (HMO) gives you more coverage and more savings than Original Medicare.

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Lean on Senior Whole Health for more benefits and ways to save.

  • Premium

    $0 Monthly Plan Premium

  • Dental

    Dental Services: Preventative + $2,000 for Comprehensive Every Year

  • OTC

    $90 for Over-the-Counter Items Every 3 Months*

  • Vision

    Eye Exams + $200 for Eyewear Every Year

  • Hearing

    Hearing Exams + up to 2 Hearing Aids Every Year

  • Fitness

    Fitness Benefit

  • Food

    $30 for Food & Produce Every Month*

  • Wellness

    $150 for Mental Health & Wellness Applications, Support Animal Supplies, Pest Control, and/or Genetic Test Kit Every 3 Months*

  • Healthy You Card*

    Use your Healthy You Card* to pay for these services: OTC Items, Food & Produce, Mental Health & Wellness Apps